Multiple layer selection & ordering
Allow us to select multiple layers/assets on the right-hand side of the screen and reorder them as we want. Example: -We have a 10 seconds animation -Within our 10 second animation, we have a box with text inside (2 assets) -We want to move these 2 assets from the end of the animation to the beginning of the animation -We'd like to select both layers (box and text ) at the same time and reorder them to play at the beginning of the animation Problem: -We can only move (drag) one layer at a time. Multiple layer selection and move function doesn't work FIX: Please allow users to reorder multiple layers at once, by allowing them to select which layers they want to move and keeping them selected during the drag and drop action. This is essential for workflows Take inspiration: Photoshop, Premiere Pro, etc use this technology, multiple layer dragging. Please integrate this in your new update fix. It is very time-consuming Thank you for your attention, I'm sure this will help a lot of people

Orlando shared this idea 22/12/20 09:24
Sez 26/04/21 18:56
Strongly agree. Multiple layer ordering is such a basic function that's missing. I'd add to this the inability (as far as I can tell) to add a new layer in between layers. These two combine to make the following use case really difficult: 1. Create many layers 2. Realize you'd like some more content in between 3. New layers get added at the end 4. Now user has to drag and drop each layer to the middle location It would be much better if: 1. You could add the new layers in between in the first place, instead of at the end. 2. You could drag and drop the multiple layers all at once, instead of one by one. Is this use case so uncommon that it hasn't gotten any attention so far? Am I missing something?
Tiago 29/07/21 14:24
While Doodly saves time in the animation creation process, there are several basic features that are needed that is costing us a lot of time to do simple things. 1. This request for "Multiple layer selection & ordering" is one of them. Not only does it cost time, its causes frustration as we are used to this feature in other tools we are used to. 2. Another basic feature is multi selecting assets on the scene. The icons in the layers are small. Its easier to select them on the assets