Allow Change Default Duration for Delay/Duration/Extra Time at the End
Allow users to change default duration for the "Delay/Duration" (buttons can be found on the "actions" side panel) Allow users to change default duration for the "Extra Time at the End" within the "Scene Settings". Let users choose default durations that apply to each created "new scene". Example: -Every new scene I create, Doodly applies a 0.5s Extra Time at the End -I always need 4 seconds "Extra Time at the End" on every single scene I use on my project -I'm forced to go to every single scene and change the "Extra time at the End" from 0.5s to 4s -Assets/layers have a default duration of 3 seconds and a delay of 0 seconds -Allow us to change those defaults so that we don't have to manually change them one at a time Fix: Allow users to change sequence settings, by allowing them to set default duration to Delay/Duration for assets/layers and "Extra Time at the End" for each single scene

Orlando shared this idea 22/12/20 09:51