Layer stack order vs. Render priority order
The layer stack order now determines both the objects render sequence and the objects visibility as determine by the top to bottom layer stack. Making these features independent of each other would be very helpful. Also a layer visibilty eyeball to hide a layer would be helpful (like in most imaging programs)

Harold Ward shared this idea 11/12/18 00:56
Shane Fryer 20/04/20 07:18
Yes absolutely. I'm using a scene with the lady at a desk and she is drawn before the desk and laptop so it looks like she is just hovering. It would make sense to draw her last, but if that is done she is above the desk. This is definitely needed.
WENLU HU 23/10/20 12:38
I would love this feature too! I found another request asking for the same feature. https://www.doodly.com/requests/home/idea/234/drawing-foreground-assets-first
Andrea Fryer 07/12/20 22:28
Yes please! I have imported an image with an outline and a separate fill. Now it draws the fill first and then the outline. I need to be able to control stack and render order separately.