Timeline show time in/out of props/characters/text
It would be really handy to have the scene timeline show the time a prop/character/text etc begins and ends. This would be really handy for getting the audio sync right with an imported voiceover.

Jeff Smith shared this idea 11/12/18 19:03
Margarita Kullick 01/02/19 18:45
i have not been able to get to the right site to sign in and start working help!!! I do not see anywhere a link from the initial trainning videos to the log in and start working, Where is doodly home page that can direct me to that. Margarita Kullick [email protected]
Halloumi 03/05/20 05:56
This is exactly a feature what I really want! Thank you! I hope this gonna be completed.
Adam Ward 20/11/20 09:53
And it would incredibly useful to be able to set the "draw in" time as often you are trying to match graphics to a voice over. Currently the only way to do that is to add delays which is a case of trial and error and is very time consuming. It would be an awesome feature to be able to example : set Picture_1 to draw on at 1:33 mm:ss
Steve Prescott 22/04/21 00:49
Yes, this would be a HUGE improvement. Anyone with experience doing video editing expects to control and SEE the point-in-time of each asset on a timeline. For example, I use VSDC, and being able to see the start- and end- times of each asset (visual and audio) is fundamentally important to controlling the timing without frustrating trial & error. Please consider this.