Devanagari Font Display Bug Fix
I have just bought the Doodly to use for school work. I was so excited to use it for my language content creation. However, the issue with devenagari fonts have completed put me to back foot. As I cannot use Doodly as I have expected due to the font display problem. This problem should be fixed I believe to make all the users of Doodly who works on Devanagari fonts to prepare their content. The problem made my purchase of Doodly almost of no use. Thanks in advance for your help to fix the issue / bug. Please see the example issue below: In put text (google font Kalam): मेरो नाम ज्ञानु हो Out put in Doodly: मेरो नाम ज् ञान हो Unicode Input Mero Naam Gyanu Ho Font URL: https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Kalam?subset=devanagari&preview.text=मेरो नाम ज्ञान हो अंतरिक्ष यान से दूर नीचे पृथ्वी शानदार ढंग से जगमगा रही थी । &preview.text_type=custom#standard-styles

Leema Shrestha shared this idea 03/01/21 09:21