Context menu - right click, preview from this point
We have the ability to right click and add panning and zooming at a particular point. Also when the video is playing the play head shows us were we are in the video. We are able to preview a ful scene or the entire video. My request is for an additional right click context menu item like the 'add panning and zooming' function, that allows me to 'preview from' from cursor location (or play head location). Rationale: When creating a video it is efficient to add video and audio components separately. For example I will create the entire video display as an activity, (based on a script) then go back and add the audio tracks using the script. I have found that this doubles my productivity rate over the alternative approach of doing one script/video element at a time. Also it allows for a smoother recording of audio. This is particularly useful when using a primary scene with a lot of pan and zoom effects. The difficultly arises in having to constantly click ahead or back on the video controls to find the point you want to check, without having to play the whole scene or the whole video. If this request is difficult to implement an alternative would be to display the timeline on the video screen when it is playing, so we can see where to click forwards and back. Thanks for considering my request.

Pete Tashkoff shared this idea 04/01/21 20:31