SVG Imported Draw Path Improvement
Hi there! So I reached out to your support team because I was having an issue with one of my SVG files. It turns out that the Doodly program can only handle so many loaded draw paths. Now for a nube such as myself just getting my feet wet ... it would be incredibly difficult to go back into the original drawing and try to assess how to change the number of points on the draw path etc... So your tech said to me that I should tell you about my suggestion... so here it is..:) It would be a super great feature of the program if it could somehow use Ai to condense a piece of art like this when the draw paths are imported... ya know ... for further ease of use for novices like myself...:D! As a suggestion of course to your R&D or Dev Team...:) If you would like to have more details please feel free to follow my support ticket: 882976

Garland Headley shared this idea 05/01/21 19:24