Keyboard intergration
Could we have hot keys? Also, can we enable the delete key on the keyboard so props etc can be deleted using it?

Jeff Smith shared this idea 11/12/18 19:27
David M LaBuda 15/04/20 23:48
Good Idea! I'm surprised that this is not already a feature.
Rodrigo Sepúlveda 20/11/20 10:42
Very good idea! This is crucial. It's not ergonomic for a modern software to function only relying on mouse clicks. Please do it, my right arm and shoulder would be grateful!
Hugh Jones 06/12/20 12:42
Hotkeys could hugely increase the efficiency
Denis 14/12/20 23:32
totally Agree. see also: https://www.doodly.com/requests/home/idea/324/delete-key-on-the-keyboard-to-delete-selected-item-s and https://www.doodly.com/requests/home/idea/423/keyboard-shortcuts
Orlando 22/12/20 09:58
Great Idea! I wanted to post it but I found you beat me to the time ;)
Joe Raphael 07/02/21 10:57
yesssss! hotkeys / keyboard shortcuts please AND start/stop preview play with spacebar
Joe Raphael 07/02/21 11:01
and please: some more editing options in the sound tracks - like cut and delete (not just at beginning and end of track!) - so making better synchronisation possible!
[email protected] 11/07/21 11:07
Time saver!!!
Afonso Ferreira Miguel 14/08/21 14:35
I believe it would be great. It could be easily integrated with other tools such as Stream Deck, Tour Box or Keyboard Maestro, allowing agility in the editing. Please please please...