Software en Español
Hello, I would like to know if you are thinking of adding the Spanish language in the software to facilitate the work of the members who speak this language, thank you and best regards.

David Montero shared this idea 14/01/21 12:27
Fernando Romero 16/04/21 09:43
I support this request. I really wonder why this was declined. I have just purchased a Standard version plus an Enterprise upgrade, and I really felt disappointed that this not in Spanish. This will be really difficult for many million of Spanish speaking persons in so many countries where Spanish is their official language. Let´s localize this software, and get more market!
Sztark 22/06/21 21:41
I would like to help on this. Count with me.
[email protected] 20/07/21 19:45
Exacto, de hecho ayudaría mucho a las personas que hablamos español normalmente y el inglés resulta ser una barrera para buscar personajes u objetos. Además la competencia de Doodly que es VideoS.... si tiene la opción de español y aquí ayudaría muchísimo que hagan esa opción y se integran con el segundo idioma más grande de este planeta.