Keyboard hot key for starting new path
When using a lot of paths in a drawing, it would be nice if there was a hot key that could be pressed to quickly start a new path versus having to take the cursor off the drawing, move it to the lower left to click on new path, then move the cursor back to a point on the drawing to start another path. It may not seem like much, but when a drawing has a couple hundred paths, all that time spent moving the cursor off the image adds up.

Jim Conley shared this idea 11/12/18 20:03
CJ Cuccaro 21/12/18 04:43
This would be a fantastic usability enhancement.
David 28/11/20 18:38
YES - YES - YES !!!!!!!! Time is the most valuable asset and it takes a LOT of time getting back and forth to the "Add Path" button when we could simply have a finger on a hotkey remaining focused on making paths !!! Keyboard hotkey for starting a new path would be a HUGE improvement to Doodly!