When inserting in timeline, allow users to move all elements to the right
Once I've done any voiceover or pan & zoom, I can't insert something new at the beginning of the video without making other tracks of the timeline out of sync. I should be able to group and move everything to the right. This is also a problem if I decide to increase draw time or hold a scene longer.

Shelley List shared this idea 29/01/21 15:36
Tobias Denner 27/07/21 07:39
Also missing that feature. Hope it will be added soon.
Shawn Blackman 23/09/21 15:51
Really need this feature! Any time I change a scene resulting in it becoming longer or shorter, I have to move all the tracks I've inserted one by one. Should be possible to move all elements in the timeline from a certain point forward or backwards to either create space or remove space that resulted from a change in a scene.