Adding font for Indian, Nepali users
Non of Hindi and Nepali font i.e Devanagari font is supported by doodly so far. I hope it will be good for doodly to add at least one font , for example, rukmini, kantipur, devanagari etc . Regards Parbakhar Poudel

Parbakhar Poudel shared this idea 12/12/18 16:33
Sushumna 19/03/19 17:13
Dheeraj Kumar 10/03/20 14:13
Finally, I got it. Upvoted. Hope, Doodly will start very soon.
Amarjeet Singh 10/03/20 14:20
भारत के लोगों को इसकी बहुत जरूरत है। Indians need it.
Tinku 10/03/20 14:21
I am not a Doodly user. But, if it includes Hindi, I may think.
Pradesh Shrestha 16/08/20 08:30
I just purchased Doodly and was disappointed to find out that it does not support any Devanagari font. I hope Doodly will meet this need soon!!
Ashish Shrungarpure 21/11/20 14:54
Yes, Hindi fonts in the text need to integrate the feature from subtitles. When I use words like जन्म​, जिम्मेदारी, इप्रिल​, यत्र​, तत्र​, सर्वत्र​, etc. in the text box, they are not correctly placed. Whereas the same words show the correct format in the subtitles. I think if the Doodly team enables the subtitle font style in the text box for Hindi, the work is done.
Debasish Das 08/12/20 13:07
Please add hindi and bengali font. thanks
Dev Yadav 05/02/21 01:29
Please enable support for hindi fonts