More Transportation Oriented Media
Please add semi trucks, like dry van, flatbed, reefer and other 18 wheeler images to your Transportation packet. Also, other transportation industry related scenes, like loading/unloading a truck, with forklift and dolly. Big truck stops with fueling lanes and cafes. Rest stop areas, safety oriented equipment like triangles, hazmat placards, tarp imagery. Heavy haul and over sized loads and pilot vehicles. Convoys, maintenance garage for semis and mechanics. Computers within the truck, dashes with all the gauges and toggles. Trucker meeting his family or saying goodbye. Trucker using phone to contact home while he is out on the road. Travel scenes that include traffic, whether easy or difficult by volume or weather, that include big truck. Crane equipment that loads truck too. Scenes that represent trucks arriving at warehouses or big box stores for delivery. Transportation authorities, like FMCSA or DOT, that pull trucks in for weighing or giving citation/violations; or are the source of registration and filing. Permit office and documentation for certain special loads. Men and women and all ethnicity of people who do drive, uniformed or plain clothes but probably in PPE (hardhat, safety vest, boots, glasses). Dispatching personnel who within an office direct the routes and assignments. Commercial drivers and commercial driving schools where they are taught to run big equipment. Team drivers, who share driving duties in one truck. Sometimes drivers have medium to small pets with them. Parking lots where big rig can sometimes stay overnight besides truck stops. Scenes depicting truck drivers being respectable citizens, by helping a motorist on occasion or throwing away their rubbish. If you should need more, please reach out to me. Thank you for the consideration.

Lisa Gates shared this idea 07/02/21 03:22