Clean Energy Transition and Climate Images and Backgrounds
Hey there! Could you provide images that depict the clean energy transition that is occurring globally due to market demands that producers and consumers address climate chaos and roll back consumption. So there's still an economic future. Please show solar panels being installed, solar panels on rooftops, wind turbines, deep reuse and recycling - I know that's harder to depict without being part of the big lie that recycling plastic works. It doesn't Believe me. YOu should see all our dunes full of plastic nurdles. I'd also like to see oil and gas fracking, pipelines, tank farms, and very large crude carriers. Those are the things I have to depict to show what we are transitioning away from. I am sure many others in this space would like that too! Vote 3 Yes!! Thanks.

Donna Hoffman shared this idea 11/02/21 16:06