Integration Talkia - Doodly
Hello, I have Doodly Enterprise and Talkia. I tried to use Talkia to create a voice-over related to a specific scene in my Doodly. This is really to cumbersome. It is a process of try and error to position correctly the voice-over parts in talkia. Then exporting it and then importing the file into Doodly and for every change redo that same cumbersome process. Put the level higher guys !! Why don't you integrate Talkia product into Doodly. So if a user has Talkia and doodly he/she should be able to do the following: He/she should be able to activate talkia on a text part in Doodly. As you have Delay and Dureation, you should have a choice to select voice-over for text objects which are than being allowed to choose voice and voice parameters, so that automatically the voice-over is generated on the scene using the selected text parts to be spoken. This would allow two advantages: the voice over would stick to each scene, and secondly no cumbersome manipulation of voice over pieces by file. I think this integration would stand-out your product versus your competition. Friendly Greetings Eric

Eric shared this idea 11/02/21 20:51
Diadre 25/05/21 17:57
The integration here would be great
Kerry Smith 03/09/21 11:48
I just purchased Talkia but I wouldn't have if I had known that it does not integrate with Doodly. I am considering getting a refund. You shouldn't sell us add-on packages of software that don't integrate well with Doodly.