*MUST* have Command-H (Hide app) for Mac
Command-H ("Hide" under the Apple menu) has been a standard on Mac for 20+ years. Anyone who's a daily multi-app user has come to expect and rely on this shortcut for our normal workflow. It makes jumping between apps, folders, files, and directories seamless and quick. Having to remember *not* to use Command-H is very interruptive. Minimizing the window is not the same, plus there's no keystroke to bring the window back up. Command-Tab only helps if going to another app — if I need to go to the desktop (Finder), this leaves the Doodly interface showing. This person perfectly explains the *need* for Command-H . . . https://nerd.is/blog/2012/05/08/command-h-just-changed-my-life Thanks for the otherwise great app, and please add this shortcut ASAP! ~Andrew

Andrew Chapman shared this idea 13/02/21 20:40