Enable text as hyperlink
Enable text to act as a hyperlink so users can go to a web page/location when the link is clicked

Ian Glenister shared this idea 13/12/18 17:11
michael west 19/04/19 21:10
I sure could use this.
Dianna Kirby 17/07/19 22:01
I would like to be able to do this as well.
Terry Polyak 20/03/20 05:06
I can't believe you don't already have this capability. :-(
Julie Bernier 22/03/20 13:11
seriously? you can't insert a hyperlink? someone from Doodly, please respond. Is there any way to have your video link to a hyperlink?
Theresa Quinn 28/05/20 21:44
text and/or graphics picturing a TOC of sorts, want to go to this section of training click here to a link to a short doodly with the specific training they need. keep them engaged with the fun part but not so much they get sick of it
Dennis Whittaker 24/08/20 16:13
I would love to link my website and store pages to my doodly:)
Craig Gunderson 18/09/20 22:21
This indeed would be a cool and useful feature.
Dave Hodge 12/11/20 01:00
I haven't purchased doodly because of this 'missing link'. If it was there, it would make marketing for my company 100 times better. Please do this!
Matthias Colsman 07/01/21 09:14
Please - put that on your Todo list. I am totally surprised this is not voted number one. How can you live without putting links into your animation.
Shelley R Stephen 18/03/21 21:53
A necessity on explainers with a call to action allowing prospects to get additional info NOW instead of finding another way to contact.