Enable text as hyperlink
Enable text to act as a hyperlink so users can go to a web page/location when the link is clicked

Ian Glenister shared this idea 13/12/18 17:11
michael west 19/04/19 21:10
I sure could use this.
Dianna Kirby 17/07/19 22:01
I would like to be able to do this as well.
Terry Polyak 20/03/20 05:06
I can't believe you don't already have this capability. :-(
Julie Bernier 22/03/20 13:11
seriously? you can't insert a hyperlink? someone from Doodly, please respond. Is there any way to have your video link to a hyperlink?
Theresa Quinn 28/05/20 21:44
text and/or graphics picturing a TOC of sorts, want to go to this section of training click here to a link to a short doodly with the specific training they need. keep them engaged with the fun part but not so much they get sick of it
Dennis Whittaker 24/08/20 16:13
I would love to link my website and store pages to my doodly:)
Craig Gunderson 18/09/20 22:21
This indeed would be a cool and useful feature.
Dave Hodge 12/11/20 01:00
I haven't purchased doodly because of this 'missing link'. If it was there, it would make marketing for my company 100 times better. Please do this!
Matthias Colsman 07/01/21 09:14
Please - put that on your Todo list. I am totally surprised this is not voted number one. How can you live without putting links into your animation.
Shelley R Stephen 18/03/21 21:53
A necessity on explainers with a call to action allowing prospects to get additional info NOW instead of finding another way to contact.
[email protected] 23/08/21 18:19
Yes, PLEASE! Had I known this was not available, I would have chosen a different resource for making videos for my students. This would support making Doodly much more useful for education and business applications. How many votes are needed to get this request on someone's active agenda?
Nicholas Mac Connell 09/09/21 00:37
Indeed a Quintessential feature for selling products. Basically a buy button at the end of animation would be super helpful. Thanks for this consideration.