Selecting multiple objects by a marking a specific area in the drawing space
The current system of selecting multiple items on the screen requires individual clicking with ctrl pressed. Imagine when we have 10 items to be selected at once and moved: this requires 10 clicks + difficult navigation to select "underlying object" when another object (such as a text) is overlying on an object. All along with pressing a ctrl! Better UX would be to allow selection of a specific area on the screen, and this must automatically select all the objects lying in that area. THis is how, say, a selection works in Word, Powerpoint, etc - pretty much many applications we use. Any other alternate is just a workaround. Of course, in the current system, I also notice a right-click-and-select-all menu item - which helps when all items are to be selected at once. This specific request is not for selecting all items, but for selecting specific items within an area of the drawing space.

Arvind Devarajan shared this idea 21/02/21 06:41