Save to Hard Drive
It would be handy to be able to save to a hard drive - from a security perspective, some IP - I don't want to share with another company - especially if it is a bit sensitive. If that feature could be enabled, you might find greater take-up of the product. I showed Doodly to two other people from other organisations here, and both asked "Where do the files get saved?" Both expressed disappointment because being saved on your servers didn't meet their needs. That rules out most Government organisations here in Australia.

Craig J. Brain shared this idea 14/12/18 06:35
Dzvux 31/01/20 09:43
That would be awesome!
Iain Flockhart 06/03/20 20:34
This would eb my number one request, along with being able to work off line. I am frequently without or have limited internet and this would be a huge plus.
Chaim Hanstater 07/06/20 00:03
This is an absolute must for future update.
Eugene Tan 12/07/20 08:12
Hi, please make this feature available because we cannot keep all our video offline due to IP compliance policy by the company.
Ben Calder 15/07/20 07:49
this is a must have, hard to use it for work when it stores everything in the cloud. Needs a local option.
J G 30/11/20 22:31
Very important.
Alexander Kofman 01/12/20 13:31
This is a crucial feature to be able to work on confidential projects.
Thomas Mungavan 30/12/20 17:33
I would like to be able to download files for a backup/restore purpose. The ideal would be a download and report of a project, a folder, or all projects as options. Being able to backup is simply good practice. I just went through two days of issues with lost data. The Doodly promise was that "it would not happen again." The only way to be sure is to have a backup/restore function. I do not need to be able to process the backup files off-line.
Aurelien 05/01/21 17:02
Super needed, to work offline OR to automate from third party by programmatically modifying Doodly save files
David 11/02/21 02:56
Yeah, this feature is definitely needed. I have done work for customers who asked for the project file. Just in case if they need someone else to make changes.
Bob S. 04/03/21 14:40
Absolutely needed. Having all of the project stored on Doodly servers is a deal breaker for me. I need my work solely under my control for the same reasons stated by others. Intellectual Property concerns, offline work, etc.
Kohegyi Tamas 28/04/21 09:01
A must have feature I need otherwise the tool cannot be used. IP protection is a must, cannot be shared with 3rd parties. Showstopper if not available.
Kylle E Dietz 24/05/21 18:15
This has been the showstopper for my company. They require NDA or the ability to save locally. It is frustrating as this tool is fabulous and I have a team of 12 that would love to be using it. Short of having the ability to get corporate licensing (and NDA) I will not be able to expand usage.
Magnus Müller 03/11/21 08:18
I just lost a presentation due to my error. I forgot to make a copy and overwrote it with changes i made. The support cannot restore a previous version. All writes are final. Having a local backup would have saved my day. Also this would protect us from any cloud failure.
Amine Zgarni 07/08/22 08:46
As known error is human. Having more than just one copy is obvious in today online working. It would be awesome to be able to save the files in another place (Hard Drive or Cloud) so it would save a lot a work time to recreate what is already created.