Drawing Foreground Assets First
I would love to be able to layer assets so that I can choose to have Doodly draw the foreground assets first and then the background assets around the foreground. This would eliminate the perfectly erased outlines that occur right now when you add an asset to a background.

Esther L Gambrell shared this idea 14/12/18 16:52
Peter Malling 21/12/18 07:47
https://m.facebook.com/groups/290594804634773?view=permalink&id=768110803549835 One way to implement this is simply to separate the sequence order (in the right panel) from the "layer" order (move in front/back near the object).
Shelley List 11/04/19 13:16
I second Peter Malling.
Armand Vanderstukken 20/02/21 09:34
can give a more correct scene line up
Armand Vanderstukken 20/02/21 09:34
Bryan Joyce 22/09/20 13:25
Steve 01/12/20 01:13
I made this suggestion as well. Just like we have two sound layers, music and voice, it would make this program really great if you could put images and text in layers and erase in layers for better control. High end drawing programs use layering (photoshop infinity photo, 3D software). Doodly should too.
Dustin Baker 15/02/21 20:30
Very helpful, I like this idea.