Paper Crafters and Hobbles
There should be more props and scenes for people that do crafting. like card making, crafting machines, scrapbooking and sewing machines. I know that it may not seem like it but we crafters would go crazy over this Doodly if it had more that we could us to do are web sites and YouTube vides with this program. I was hope that i could us this in my new wed sit and YouTube vides but unfortunately I would have to input a lot of my own images and convert them to work in your format. That would be to time consuming. Hobbies are very big and are money makers. like for example, this is what i wanted to do. Background of a craft room. Shelves against the back wall and a long island in the middle of the room. Thanks for you time.

Ayanda Murphy shared this idea 04/03/21 20:59