Fill polygon exactly
Sometime i must fill a polygon. So i create many points in a path. In the result i see some pixels/areas a not drawing. I wish a simple autofill-function. I mark the polygon, and doodly autocreate the path i want (from upper to lower/left to right/vertical/diagonal/horizontal, from in to out (circle/zig zag/...) or from out to in (cirlce/...)). The Options must be: 1. Draw frame (of the polygon) first (with defined size) 2. Draw frame slower or times for frame / content (eg. frame 2 s, content 1 s) 3. Frame & Content to two path, so i can move the content-fill-path to the end of als polygons (first was drawing all frames, then comes the path of all contents). That makes the work faster. Thanks und best regards, C. Schlegel

Carsten Schlegel shared this idea 07/03/21 13:00