file export size
If you used Doodly before version 2 was released, you probably noticed a tremendous increase in the size of exported videos. Videos I created using version 1 are 10x larger when exported using version 2. A 3mb video becomes 30mb. The quality was excellent under version 1 and no changes in the version 2 settings can match the small size and high quality of version 1. Doodly support told me the export engine from version 1 will not support new features such as zoom effects or animated gifs. Unfortunately a 30 mb video is not viewable by people who lack a high speed connection. I would like to propose the old export engine be made available for those of us not using the new features. If like me you were creating Flash animations a decade ago, you will recall their software was set up this way. Using flash made it clear that certain animation effects required specific export versions. I would like to see that feature added to Doodly. Thank you

rick_dimeglio shared this idea 14/03/21 16:04