Google fonts integration
Add the ability to import bulk google fonts.

Matt Horsley shared this idea 18/10/18 20:25
John J Deltuvia Jr 02/12/18 14:29
Or, for that matter, bulk import any fonts from a computer, subject to a limit at a time (say 10 or 20.)
Francine Millman 19/01/19 19:17
It would be nice to upload many fonts - local or Google at one time.
Sovann My 03/02/19 23:59
Agreed 100%
Janet Fikar 24/02/19 15:28
Or can we just use our own system fonts?
Sushumna 19/03/19 17:12
Yes, very much needed as I am struggling to create in my regional language even after adding .ttf file
[email protected] 18/04/19 22:34
This would be helpful!
Frank J Agin 23/05/19 23:19
Karen Greaves 08/09/19 14:10
Claudia Catao 27/10/19 15:11
paradon 12/01/20 09:05
Very important and urgent need And I want Thai language as well
Deborah Barnett 04/03/20 14:00
Absolutely a must!
Deborah Barnett 04/03/20 14:00
Absolutely a must!
MAANAFLOR CIOCSON 03/04/20 11:10
Yes, please consider adding more fonts. There are 3 fonts as well.
SAMUEL FIGUEROA 20/04/20 12:12
Not much debate on this one. Nearly every modern best-in-class design related application and SAAS implements Google Fonts in some way. In my opinion, Doodly is the absolute leader in whiteboard creation software so YES TO GOOGLE FONTS!!!!!
Wayne Leiser 23/04/20 17:46
The font handling in Doodly is atrocious. If you are importing a font that has more than one font attached, you cannot rename them. (Version 2.4.6) Yes to Google Fonts but allow us to select which ones we want to import. Don't just import every font that is available. 1. Open a Google fonts window perhaps or a preview of the available fonts. 2. We can click AND NAME each font even if we are importing multiple fonts at once.
Prabhu Atluri 30/04/20 01:40
Laurent Itin 18/06/20 02:28
yes please! Want to use Doodly to create an education module with Khmer (Cambodian) font which is not supported / displayed correctly at this point. Thank you
Priyank Solanki 27/08/20 00:44
Need to have a larger font library. Importing could be a tideous job for many
Phal Chanpheakdey 29/09/20 15:49
I do need my Khmer language to be used in the Doodly. I try different Khmer Font but it doesn't work. if you can help, please do it.
Danny Matson 27/12/20 21:52
pankaj gupta 25/04/21 12:55
this is required. please add hindi font also