Object Fill
I would like to see an object fill feature with the option of having the finished fill look like it is scribbled/shaded in or a solid fill. Being able to fill in a shirt or block text with color would be a great way to create something eye catching.

Wayne Schulz shared this idea 16/12/18 15:33
Luci 14/03/19 12:53
I agree on this one. Another example is the provided shapes. I wanted to put a rectangle over some options I put on a board, and have different color representations of the groupings. Because the built in shapes don't have a fill option, there was no way for me to do this. it'd be nice to have a color option for outlines, and a color option for filling, which should include a "transparent" option.
Doug Spicher 29/05/19 19:44
Agree. Object fill, opacity setting and outline color would be ideal