Modestly dressed women in business
Can you please add images of women who are modestly dressed (long skirts or dresses and headwraps)? I am a modest woman in a professional category but I cannot create images like this for my training and presentations because there are no women that reflect me in this product.

Carla Mindingall shared this idea 30/03/21 20:26
Carla Mindingall 30/03/21 20:40
Can this also be made for women of color (African American)?
Carla Mindingall 30/03/21 20:59
Similar to Ema Melanesia or a younger version with a head wrap (like Illan Omar wears) to match her outfits.
Carla Mindingall 30/03/21 21:01
Or Enu. THe way her hair is but with a scarf in the fashion of her hair and longer skirts.
Carla Mindingall 30/03/21 21:04
In business professional, and training settings. Modest is the key
Carla Mindingall 30/03/21 21:08
Human Resources Professional or counselor, or teacher