Music duplication
Just started, but I edited down a sound clip and I needed to duplicate it several times. There was no option, so I had to input it and edit it down multiple times, which was time consuming and seemed unnecessary.

Connie Orman shared this idea 16/12/18 17:11
Eduardo Ladron de Guevara 20/04/20 06:29
This is something basic that would add a lot of value to the software, since the music tracks have different timing, and if we cant add a loop to it, many times we find that even though we have many different tracks, just a few can be added to a video depending of the timing
David 11/02/21 05:39
Will be good to have a music set where you have a beginning, an end, and a middle where you can just keep on adding as many loop as you need. Then have a few genres of these music groups.