More foreign characters
I do work for a lot of Chinese and middle eastern people and it would be great to have those types of characters

Steven Jobes shared this idea 17/12/18 11:52
Daniel Beres 14/03/20 21:48
Include multilanguage character sets
Aaron Eggleston 04/04/20 07:32
Add comparability with more characters and symbols for text. Even just adding more of the Latin extended unicode characters would be helpful. I tried using č, for example, but it came out as just a space between the other letters. Thanks!
Aaron Eggleston 06/04/20 02:13
I found an instructional video on the Doodly facebook page that shows how to import new fonts, including Chinese and ones that include extended Latin letters and symbols: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VURXY8Y_vJQ&feature=youtu.be. Thanks to ZooMyD for making this.