Transparent Prop Backgrounds
Some 'shape' props are transparent, and others are opaque. In the gallery, there is no indicator of whether a given prop is transparent or opaque. For example, if I choose a circle prop, will I be able to see through the middle of the circle to the underlying objects? Three part proposal: 1. In the gallery, provide an INDICATOR for each prop about whether it is transparent. 2. In the gallery, let the user FILTER by transparency (yes/no). 3. For each shape, let the user CHANGE the transparency after dragging it onto the canvas. (turn on / turn off)

Steve Prescott shared this idea 21/04/21 12:38
Admin 21/04/21 23:17
Hi there! A similar request has already been posted, please upvote and comment your thoughts here: https://www.doodly.com/requests/home/idea/881/hide-or-make-transparent-part-of-asset