Offline mode
Now this might be a bit hard but would be awesome. An offline mode that allows basic creation / editing of doodlys. Maybe this could be limited to cached content the user has used before. Or even restrict it just to images on the local pc. Would be very handy at times.

Matt Horsley shared this idea 18/10/18 20:28
David Menachof 25/12/18 18:09 flag comment
This would be very helpful, especially when working away from home without a stable internet connection. It could sync with the cloud version when a connection is available.
Bethany Carter 28/12/18 04:43 flag comment
This would be so helpful. I am often traveling for work and spend most of my time in places that I have time to work on Doodly, but have no internet connection. An off-line mode would be extremely helpful.
Shelley Arnold 31/12/18 19:28 flag comment
Having access when not connected to the internet would give this program true functionality for all users. Then, once connected to the internet graphics, fonts and projects could be uploaded.