Offline mode
Now this might be a bit hard but would be awesome. An offline mode that allows basic creation / editing of doodlys. Maybe this could be limited to cached content the user has used before. Or even restrict it just to images on the local pc. Would be very handy at times.

Matt Horsley shared this idea 18/10/18 20:28
David Menachof 25/12/18 18:09
This would be very helpful, especially when working away from home without a stable internet connection. It could sync with the cloud version when a connection is available.
Bethany Carter 28/12/18 04:43
This would be so helpful. I am often traveling for work and spend most of my time in places that I have time to work on Doodly, but have no internet connection. An off-line mode would be extremely helpful.
Shelley Arnold 31/12/18 19:28
Having access when not connected to the internet would give this program true functionality for all users. Then, once connected to the internet graphics, fonts and projects could be uploaded.
Vicki L Miles 03/02/19 17:36
Luba Sharapan 03/02/19 19:43
Yes yes yes, this would be incredibly helpful for me as we don't have internet where we live. Working offline is also very useful for commuters.
Perry Gretton 09/02/19 19:39
An Adobe style cloud mechanism would be best, so that we can work offline when needed.
[email protected] 13/02/19 00:02
Allegra Catolfi Salvoni 16/02/19 14:18
Brilliant option for working on your animations on the go! As I hot desk and move about a lot this would be super helpful!
Sovann My 20/02/19 09:14
This is the top feature which allow us to work at anywhere without internet connection
Luci 20/03/19 15:11
Just some context on here. For security purposes, my company (and I'm sure others) doesn't allow use of software that maintains cloud storage of the data being input/connected to the program. So offline mode would allow me and others to use this for business purposes without jeopardizing security. Not to say Doodly isn't secure, but having data somewhere we can't control is a big concern, including for privacy.
Zahid Moghal 26/03/19 21:04
Great feature to have.
Marten Schröder 04/04/19 07:48
This idea would help me *very* much. I spend quite some time in 'the air' and no internet is provided on most flights... These times are the times that I have available for creative ideas. An Offline Doodly would be VERY helpfull
Julia Hindriksen 07/04/19 15:33
Yes yes yes! Also: if for any reason Doodly goes down, I would go down too. So my life time subscription would be a real life time subscription if I could install it on my computer and do my business without being totally dependent.
Olivia Goldstein 11/04/19 04:54
Noor Azman Omar 01/05/19 10:40
really need this features..
BARKAT ALI 18/05/19 04:26
Yes please give us a offline one .Unavailability of Internet creates hinderance while doing the project
Daniel L 29/07/19 22:13
Yes, I was disappointed to find that Doodly doesn't have any offline functionality. That was something I expected from a desktop application. I do a lot of work offline due to travel.
Keyur Desai 06/08/19 10:05
I generally prefer to work on videos while traveling especially while taking the flights, This will be a major breakthrough if we have the Offline mode option available.
Roman Bigeschi 24/09/19 04:43
This is not only incredibly usefull, but something that should be available whenever you advertise something as a one time payment software. There's plenty of situations when you are offline, being commute, a long flight, outdoors. You pay for the software, for the software upgrades, for the courses/tutorials, and still, you don't really fully own your license. Doesn't quite seem fair. I ll gladly pay for more upgrades if I feel I own them. But I´m discouraged to spend even more money on something that might or might not be around in the future.
Tim Bartow 02/10/19 12:39
It should be self-evident why this would be a necessary feature- nobody wants to be tethered to some other computer in order to be productive... no matter what the project. If you paid for the use of the software, then you should be able to use it without a bunch of unnecessary restrictions and hoops to jump through.
muhammad jaafar 04/10/19 11:57
this would be very great, low internet speed is delaying works
Andrew McCabe 24/10/19 23:08
A full local install of the software is definitely a must. Even if the images and music remain optional downloads to save space, it would be much better. Not everyone can rely on an internet connection all the time, especially if traveling. My primary concern is the software becoming unavailable should anything happen to the company, especially for anyone with lifetime licenses. Lifetime should mean the lifetime of the user, not the lifetime of the software/service.
Nirajan Upreti 08/12/19 17:33
Even after 1 year since Matt Horsley shared this idea - still offline mode not available? oh no :(
Jean-François ROUSSE 11/12/19 12:09
yes, please! definitely needed!
oscar s victoria 21/02/20 22:10
De verdad es una necesidad poder trabajar offline. Trulyy, it needs to be avaliabel to work offline.
Allan 28/02/21 11:03
i totally agree in this age of the cloud you should be able to create locally and when back on line it will sync up - realise bigger companies do this a as standard but would be great and give you a bit more stability to becoming top
Leo Vincent Flores 08/04/20 02:54
Please, make this an option. This will be incredibly helpful to many of us.
Prof Iyiola TELLA 12/04/20 18:05
I just purchased Doodly a few days ago and even upgraded to the Enterprise edition. Unfortunately I have not been able to use it because of unreliability of Internet services where I live in Northern Nigeria. I probably wouldn't have bought Doodly if I knew it couldn't be used offline. Kindly consider activating the offline mode. Thanks.
Deb Gilmartin 18/04/20 06:51
I agree Matt, I am getting very frustrated with the speed at disruption that I am experiencing here in Australia. While that is not the fault of Doodly if we could make the videos off line that would make the process so much more enjoyable and efficient. We have to provide new materials for on line learning particularly now and I really want to use this platform. Great idea and YES PLEASE
Prabhu Atluri 19/04/20 15:19
agreed. i believe it will even improve export time. the exports will be faster.. and at least give a complete props or images in a very very very less quality while working offline. ( a very low image quality to download on laptop so that even software will be safe ) so that we can work while travelling. and when connected to internet it can take full quality while exporting. Please do this...
Rob Jones 21/04/20 13:27
Yes please. For those of us in remote areas and those who do not have cheap data access, this would be a very positive feature
Bruno Couto da Silva 23/04/20 09:58
Yes, this would make the software much more reliable
Regan Paredes 13/05/20 05:02
I cannot login today. Server is down. Offline mode would definitely appreciated...
[email protected] 26/05/20 13:30
totally agree! I have have 100 videos need to create. I need offline to organize all the working and sources. file
Edy sudrajat 28/05/20 03:28
This is exactly great ideas,
Ammar Al Shalabi 28/05/20 17:31
Please allow this feature. Because i work remotely a lot when i don't have internet.
Matthew Morizio 09/07/20 14:06
Of all the requested features... I believe this is MOST important. Localized control (offline mode) would be a HUGE improvement.
Jan van Niekerk 15/07/20 10:06
Without offline ability I wasted my money for here in Africa Namibia Internet is totally unreliable. Also our upload internet speed is is .6 to 1.16 Mbps. Please I walk in this morning to no internet ... blank Doodly screen and would realy love to create ... even upgrade to Enterprise noy konowing or realizing it was online only!!! Sad but hopefull.
simonsridhar 30/07/20 05:52
Tony Davis 10/08/20 06:39
A desktop version is essential. It's impossible to preview the content straight after a transition as the stuttering/locking up won't allow you to see it properly until you've exported. And when you're used to editing at speed using Premiere and quick keys, Doodly is extremely frustrating to use.
Lexx YungCarter 22/08/20 13:54
Reading all these comments makes me sceptical on purchasing this given internet is usually unreliable. upvote for this feature!
Denis Martin 24/08/20 14:38
Hi, offline mode feature idea could be enhanced by considering the following dimension : Doodly design should let users decide where to store the video and what defines it (assets, background, etc...) including when to upload it to Doodly's cloud storage. This can also be justified by the following criteria: privacy, confidentiality, integrity, availability and content sensitivity such as protected or classified information. It is not sufficient to rely solely on Doodly's cloud storage to accommodate all business and personnel scenarios. Doodly's should also allow to re-import an exported Doodly video no longer present into Doodly's project folder.
Alain Degoumois 31/08/20 20:17
We do not know which informations are shared between our computer and the cloud...
A fernandes 20/09/20 10:53
i think all features should be possible off line once you sell pakages without recurring payment.
[email protected] 05/10/20 13:45
An offline mode with the possibility to optimize the hardware to increase the speed of render/export would be amazing.
Mr Spencer 18/11/20 01:28
no offline mode.. me no purchase. monthly fee? me no purchase. One time payments, paid major upgrades, as Adobe used to do before they got greedy and followed the 'eternal monthly debt house mmortgage style daylight robbery' way of charging, which people are starting to rebel against, and is why the one time payment is on the rise again. as monthly subscriptions cause a product to cost thousands and thousands of dollars instead of a hundred or so.
allan panganiban 18/11/20 17:03
Lags and stuttering during editing waste so much time; very unproductive feature of online doodly. please consider it as it has already been more than 2 years since this has been highlighted.
Pete Tashkoff 27/11/20 18:14
I request this to be implemented with user-controlled storage of videos, so they are not automatically stored in the Doodly cloud, but are able to be located where the user desires.
Jon Smyth 28/11/20 16:49
Hello, I created an account just to vote and put in my voice. I was interest in Doodly, and, unfortunately, the lack of offline mode was the clincher for me. I will not be purchasing a subscription. :( For a variety of reasons, I want to be able to access my potential Doodly assets and projects even if I do not have access to internet service. Even the Steam platform, the largest digital distribution platform for PC gaming, has an "off line" mode. I hope that Doodly will offer the same level of access to its users! :) To the others that like the idea of an off-line mode, be sure if you know anyone else that uses Doodly, to encourage them to upvote the idea. Doodly will probably appreciate seeing more than 391 votes out of its 1000s of users before they enter the trouble and work it will take to convert their software to be accessible off-line! J.S.
Denis 13/12/20 00:44
This is an helpful and essential feature. Is means we could work when the internet is down or we are in areoplane mode etc. It could also if updated to work local, solve the issues that's voted for here: https://www.doodly.com/requests/home/idea/233/save-to-hard-drive and here, https://www.doodly.com/requests/home/idea/150/exporting-or-sharing-of-doodly-files and here: https://www.doodly.com/requests/home/idea/963/rendering-in-local and here: https://www.doodly.com/requests/home/idea/1003/support-multiple-cpu-threads-for-faster-rendering Cheers
Frank 01/02/21 06:48
Online-Programs (after the installation) are not an option for our company due to security reasons.
Denis 09/03/21 23:54
This would be a huge feature improvement especially if you could save and have the ability to share the files with our teams. There are a whole bunch of times that I find the need to work offline inc. slow or non existent internet, in transit or for security/privacy. It would also cut out or reduce the need to use other software tools that are like Doodly.
Leon Kozak 18/03/21 15:56
This is something that should be available whenever you advertise something as subscription-based software. I spend quite some time in 'the air and in hotels and there is or no internet at all or slow and not stable connection. Having access when not connected to the internet would give this program true functionality for all users.
Ray Gauthier 25/04/21 13:12
I agree with all the other comments. The ability to work offline just makes sense.
Aarnout Brombacher 02/05/21 13:56
I like to work while flying on an aeroplane ... but cannot. Please can off-line work with receive attention.
Brendan 02/06/21 09:28
Yeah it is really irritating that the app does not have this feature. I can understand the need to have an internet connection when getting new assets from the doodly server. But let's say I already have a complete video in terms of all the assets I need, and I juts want to adjust the timings and positions, etc... That should not need internet access to perform.
Scott James Reid 28/07/21 17:10
There are a million and one programs out there that have cloud based service but which can still be used when offline! I am shocked that I can't use this software without being connected!
Hossamudin 29/08/21 03:33
yes!! :D
Tiago 30/08/21 19:31
why internet connection required to use the product unless a feature requires it (e.g. share, get new props for club, etc) ? Authentication can also be done locally. This is a basic feature of products that are installed. I see a message my voice narration (sound) files are being uploaded to some server. Why is my private content being uploaded to some server? I am not trying to share it with anyone or to the public.
Kerry Smith 03/09/21 11:03
I live in the Philippines and my internet connection is poor a lot of times.
Edu 04/09/21 21:20
1st>~~~ I just lost almost 6 hours of work because an unidentify fail. Can’t save and can’t export. LOST WORK, TIME, MONEY… 2nd>~~~If we can save at the computer a file which, at least, will be able to upload again and keep editing, we will NOT be able: to protect our job, creates a market of templates, and many other advantages for everybody AND be independent and free of censure. If you know what I mean?!? 3rd>~~~I can’t see any other reason than CONTROL FREAK to be absolutely dependent of: 1-Internet, 2-Doodly cloud…, 3-Under the insecurity to loose months or years of work because you can lost the data. So if you aren’t another Big Tech with the same ideas of CONTROL of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, … you should put together tomorrow this features available. Or… start to die as a company when the people awake… and the people are awakening.
Eugene 18/09/21 00:19
I move a lot and often in the places with no internet away from cities. I would be able to do more of my work if Doodly would be available offline.
Malc Seaman 20/09/21 20:57
Absolutely great feature this would be. No more dodgy internet connections causing the preview to stagger - making it impossible to gauge the timing of the various elements of each scene or the export extended by the need to stream the file down from the server to create a local MP4 file.
carlos andres vargas lopez 05/10/21 17:43
Sería genial, pero parece que no la van a desarrollar, ya que desde el 2018 se ha solicitado y no hay avance.
Thomas Young 10/10/21 15:49
This is very important. When traveling throughout Africa, for example, internet connections are not good. We must still remain productive.
Diane Loosle 18/10/21 20:43
This would be really great because I am often where I don't have signal for several days, but I have time to work on Doodly.