Offline mode
Now this might be a bit hard but would be awesome. An offline mode that allows basic creation / editing of doodlys. Maybe this could be limited to cached content the user has used before. Or even restrict it just to images on the local pc. Would be very handy at times.

Matt Horsley shared this idea 18/10/18 20:28
David Menachof 25/12/18 18:09 flag comment
This would be very helpful, especially when working away from home without a stable internet connection. It could sync with the cloud version when a connection is available.
Bethany Carter 28/12/18 04:43 flag comment
This would be so helpful. I am often traveling for work and spend most of my time in places that I have time to work on Doodly, but have no internet connection. An off-line mode would be extremely helpful.
Shelley Arnold 31/12/18 19:28 flag comment
Having access when not connected to the internet would give this program true functionality for all users. Then, once connected to the internet graphics, fonts and projects could be uploaded.
Vicki L Miles 03/02/19 17:36 flag comment
Luba Sharapan 03/02/19 19:43 flag comment
Yes yes yes, this would be incredibly helpful for me as we don't have internet where we live. Working offline is also very useful for commuters.
Perry Gretton 09/02/19 19:39 flag comment
An Adobe style cloud mechanism would be best, so that we can work offline when needed.
Allegra Catolfi Salvoni 16/02/19 14:18 flag comment
Brilliant option for working on your animations on the go! As I hot desk and move about a lot this would be super helpful!
Sovann My 20/02/19 09:14 flag comment
This is the top feature which allow us to work at anywhere without internet connection
Luci 20/03/19 15:11 flag comment
Just some context on here. For security purposes, my company (and I'm sure others) doesn't allow use of software that maintains cloud storage of the data being input/connected to the program. So offline mode would allow me and others to use this for business purposes without jeopardizing security. Not to say Doodly isn't secure, but having data somewhere we can't control is a big concern, including for privacy.
Zahid Moghal 26/03/19 21:04 flag comment
Great feature to have.
Marten Schröder 04/04/19 07:48 flag comment
This idea would help me *very* much. I spend quite some time in 'the air' and no internet is provided on most flights... These times are the times that I have available for creative ideas. An Offline Doodly would be VERY helpfull
Julia Hindriksen 07/04/19 15:33 flag comment
Yes yes yes! Also: if for any reason Doodly goes down, I would go down too. So my life time subscription would be a real life time subscription if I could install it on my computer and do my business without being totally dependent.
Olivia Goldstein 11/04/19 04:54 flag comment
Noor Azman Omar 01/05/19 10:40 flag comment
really need this features..
BARKAT ALI 18/05/19 04:26 flag comment
Yes please give us a offline one .Unavailability of Internet creates hinderance while doing the project
Daniel L 29/07/19 22:13 flag comment
Yes, I was disappointed to find that Doodly doesn't have any offline functionality. That was something I expected from a desktop application. I do a lot of work offline due to travel.
Keyur Desai 06/08/19 10:05 flag comment
I generally prefer to work on videos while traveling especially while taking the flights, This will be a major breakthrough if we have the Offline mode option available.