Finger pointing drag across onto screen instead of always being forced to draw or non-animate
Hi, some of my existing whiteboard videos I purchased from a professional have the feature where when introducing a new user-added image, the hand shown will simply have a finger pushing into the whiteboard, and it will proceed to drag the element onto the whiteboard from the left or right. This method is a much nicer way to introduce things like logos or complex coloured images, rather than the animated arm trying to draw everything all the time. Are you planning to introduce this in future? Please advise as it is something simple that could be added to give a better and more professional outcome in videos. If you would like to see a sample of what I am describing please contact me.

Roy shared this idea 18/12/18 13:03
Genia Holsing 21/08/20 10:02
Totally missing it for imported images like logos. mysimpleshow.com has this kind of effects, which I liked a lot. Would add great flexibility to the already great whiteboard animation tool. Waiting for it!
Genia Holsing 25/08/20 14:32
Actually, a feature is already requested on that: https://www.doodly.com/requests/home/idea/20/hand-placing-items