Skipping over delays
Currently, layers are restricted to being drawn sequencially. If a layer is delayed by one or more seconds, the entire process stops for that delay. In addition, if objects or characters are to be hidden behind other objects, the drawing of a scene becomes awkward and messy. The current programming will not allow for an effect based on timing. Here is a suggestion for programmers: 1. Write an algorithm (assuming Doodly is running algorithms) for the software to skip over a delay and continue to draw the scene. or 2. An algorithm to detect delays in characters and props, and shift them to the bottom of the drawing sequence until they are to be drawn. Result: A scene, such as a boardroom with table, chairs and (characters around the table), could be drawn to show the characters appearing around the table. If the characters are reacting to an action taking place at a specific point in the room, then drawing the source of the action at the end of the drawing sequence makes for great suspense. Thank you for considering my suggestion.

Michel Massicotte shared this idea 04/05/21 19:39