User Interface Dark Mode
Hi, Please do consider a dark mode option for the Doodly Software User Interface (Dark, Grey, White) As an experienced video editor and motion graphics artist, I believe this feature when implemented will benefit the users in composing the look of their video especially in coloring (those who have Doodly Rainbow especially) and others who insert their own full color assets. With the dark mode feature when implemented, this will also help avoid stress in the users eyes, especially when creating on Doodly for an hour or more. Hope you'll consider this and will be happy to have this feature in sopn. I just purchased Doodly Enterprise after a long review on various online channels and social media. I think that one feature will add a premium feel and greatly relax users when creating their videos. Thank you. Albert Doodly Enterprise User

Albert Malonzo shared this idea 06/05/21 06:55
Admin 06/05/21 23:38
Hi! This feature has already been requested here. https://www.doodly.com/requests/home/idea/935/dark-mode