Improvement ideas
Hi. I have been using Doodly for just a few days, but i already have a few idean on how you could improve the app to make our lives easier: - "Apply to all (paths)" button on right click on a path - i mean sometimes adjusting the width of the paths manually to all paths in a layer is really time consuming - Changing the path color - when I need to make path on something that is red it is terribly difficult to make it precise. Allowing us to change the path color would be helpful. - Number input field for path sizes - sometimes it is really difficult to make path size for example 33 because when i use slider it either does to 30 or 35. if i could enter it manually it would be awesome. Please let me know if any of those is possible. Anyway, the app is great and i really like using it :) Regards Kamil

Kamil Wiśniewski shared this idea 06/05/21 15:55