Drag and Drop Audiorecordings
Please add the feature to drag and drop audio files or record an additional audio file between two audio. I recently had to remove an audio file from slide 3 and was not able to add a recordging at the exact same place. The "+" sign was at the end of the last audio. But when I record the new audio there, I am not able to drag it to the specific location because the time line is not scrolling while I am dragging the audio file.

Leonido Gebhard shared this idea 18/12/18 22:52
Luci 26/03/19 01:53
+100000 I had to modify some wording & add some text to a scene, and had to record at the end with best guess of timing and move the recording to the space I needed it...which also required some adjusting since it won't let you drop if it doesn't fit in the free space. It would be nice if it moved things over to the right to make it fit without having to redrag it again (which can take a min)