Merging Audio and video track with timeline
Dear fantastic Team, Greetings and Namaste from India, I have a small problem, Need your help to resolve. Imagine that you have created a video containing 10 scenes. Now for all the different scenes, you created a voice-over and then placed all in the scene timeline. Now, while further editing, you discover that you have to add another scene in between the existing scenes, say for example, after the fifth scene. Then you insert another scene and complete the same. Now you will see that all the old voice-overs after the fifth scene will lose their earlier timelines and they will be misplaced. In the present situation, you have to manually drag right all the voice overs individually to create space for the new voice over entry. And only then you can have the new voice over for the newly added scenes. This is a big problem. We have to resolve this to make Doodly better and more functional. One idea can be, to have an option for merging the scene with the corresponding voice over. So after i create a scene and add music/voice, I will merge these to consider as one. So when i add one scene, the voice over will also separately move to right along with the scenes. Another option, could be to merge all the voice overs, and allow selective cut open and move right, as required. Another option, could be to have options for cut and add time in between scenes, so that another scenes can be added. However, in all the cases, the scenes and the audio, and voice overs must move together. In other video making softwares, this options are available. I am facing big difficulty in preparing my videos. This requested functionality will surely improve the situation. Please let me know.

Maharshi Samanta shared this idea 15/05/21 05:30
Admin 17/05/21 23:22
Hi there! A similar request has already been posted, please upvote and comment your thoughts here:https://www.doodly.com/requests/home/idea/66/lock-scene-by-scene-voiceover-tracks-to-a-scene