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Changing the sequence of items is very cumbersome and moving items fro bottom to first is very slow because you have to jump two at a time. It would also be easier to choose the sequence.

Lance Beste shared this idea 19/12/18 01:45
Roger Hanley 18/01/19 19:25
I agree. If I have a scene where I DO NOT want ALL "ITEMS" in that scene to be drawn - I want them to APPEAR (the drawing takes too long in this case). Scenario: I want a boardroom (with boardroom table) scene to simply APPEAR, and then the characters to be drawn. When I want a character to appear BEHIND the table, the "boardroom table" ITEM moves down the item list on the right. If I move it back UP, the characters who were BEHIND the table appear in front of it. I click to move the character back, and the boardroom table jumps to the bottom of the item list. VERY FRUSTRATING!!!
Admin 09/02/21 00:45
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