Drawing pattern for built in doodly assets
In this official Doodly video tutorial, I see that an image should have a pencil icon above it when it is selected. https://youtu.be/7YMLbWEu3Qg?list=PLvCrTe3h4inftA8S94CZmRVWB0EzihJeQ&t=46 ... after contacting support it was revealed that you can only do this for assets that you have uploaded yourself, and you may not "edit asset" for the built in doodly assets. The trouble is that most of the doodly assets have a drawing pattern (drawing path) that is a standard scribble - from top-left corner to bottom right corner - which is not ideal. Can we please add the ability to "clone" a built in doodly asset so that we may use "edit asset" on it?

Brendan shared this idea 02/06/21 09:43