Pause during development playback
Hard to believe this doesn't exist, and maybe I have missed it - but when developing a scene and checking animation via "Preview" there is no way to Stop or Pause until the entire movie ends. I often make small changes and just want to see how it works, and yes I know I can just play 1 scene - but often it is the transition from 1 scene to the next that I am editing. In this case, I have to let the enitre 4-5 minute (or longer!) movie run to the end! That is not workable. I have resorted to quitting the program mid-play back to avoid this. That can not be an acceptable workaround. Please address the lack of Stop and Pause. Thanks!

Ken shared this idea 05/06/21 18:35
Admin 07/06/21 23:13
Hi Ken! We already have this feature available in Doodly, please contact [email protected] for further assistance. Thank you!