Change Doodle Elements so they are not triggered by inadvertent trackpad scrolling
First of all I believe this is a bug but Support told me I had to post it here, so here it is. I think this is a bug that really needs to be fixed in Doodly. On my mac when using my trackpad to navigate Doodly menus as I normally do, if I have my cursor around the elements panel on the right side of the screen and I try and move my cursor, it will very frequently decide that it wants to scroll the time or duration of the nearby element. This completely messes up the timeline of my video and I have to spend lots of time backtracking to try and figure out what it changed the timing to. It never used to do this several months back but now it does it all the time. Please disable this asap. It only causes major problems. Thank you.

Austin Mark shared this idea 09/06/21 17:10