Sharing custom resources inside Doodly
Create the necessary settings for users to be able to flag their own imported resources as "Shareable", and give users the ability browse/search shared user resources, and import into their own collection. For quality control it may be good to have an application/approval process for users to be able to share their resources.

Wayne McHugh shared this idea 18/10/18 21:55
Laxminarayan Proddutoor 27/11/18 11:25
The sharing feature is not functional in my App; I am not sure whether it is in other members' Apps?
Darlene Bocek 19/12/18 19:01
I cannot find the feature for flagging my resources as "shareable" and also I cannot see any other "shareable" resources that other people have uploaded showing in the section called Shared.
Richard Genck 24/12/18 21:52
I'm REALLY excited about this feature, but I don't see how to tag my imported model as shareable, or how to view other shared items... Maybe there should be a community hub where we can upload and download each other's models?
Brian Tallon 01/02/19 21:04
This is almost how he could explode his business. Rather than make them just shareable, allow users to sell them on a marketplace for a small price. Then Brad could take a percent of that. No work for him, all profit, and we can actually purchase more assets if they are well done.
Billy 10/04/19 01:57
I just bought mine, and came on here to find more images, but I don't see any area for that here. Did I miss it?
Pablo Plaza 14/04/19 17:52
Hi, don't think this feature has been delivered? props can't be set as shareable and in the 'shared' tab nothing shows unless you share it with another user, which is quite difficult when there is no community of Doodly users?
Marco Napoli 11/11/19 22:21
I also cannot find how to share a resource/scene.