Alignment of sfx when attached to text
Currently you can attach sfx to the start of text and then set the number of times the sfx would loop while the text is being drawn. What be comes fidgety is when you want the sound effect in the middle or at the end of the text being drawing. Sure dropping down into an audio track is an option but error prone. So, what would help is a bit like text alignment. Have a means to have the sfx run at the start, the centre and at the end. My suggestion is by "sliding" the sfx within the window of the drawing of the text. Left align is start of sfx with start of drawing of text. Centred would be centre of sfx with centre of drawing of text. Right align is end of sfx lined up with end of drawing of text. While we are at it, I will often drop text in with NONE as drawing mode. Being able to attach a 1sec sfx to emphasise the entry of the text would be fantastic. Great software in any event!

Ray Feodoroff shared this idea 03/07/21 23:47