Camera panning Seetings
Would be nice to select the DIRECTION of the "camera panning" and the SPEED ... (or did In miss that?)

J. Leinfels shared this idea 21/12/18 07:04
Shanda Boren 02/02/19 02:11
And the distance too! I skipped this feature all together because I was still seeing pieces of old scenes and I couldn't adjust that.
Nicole Cole 26/06/19 16:31
And the view frame of the pan.
Esteban 08/07/19 14:36
Something like video scribe
James Wilson 25/07/19 21:12
Elrik van van Meerveld 23/09/19 07:04
Camera panning from scetch to scetch is not helpful without settings. I figured out that something about the size of the scetch/drawing influences the distance of panning..... It would be great if I can adjust the panning distance and speed.