Fire Service
There is a need for Fire Service and Fire Prevention scenes, props, and characters. There are thousands of Fire Prevention and Life Safety Educators who would love to use this amazing tool, but we need Classrooms, Corridors, bedrooms, kitchens, and many more scenes where people live, work, and play, we need props like EXIT doors, matches, fire, fire engines, ambulances, fire hoses, etc. We need characters like firefighters (male and female, young and older), EMTs/Paramedics, cops, doctors, teachers, etc. If these things aren't available, we need to be able to import our own drawings of these things so we can use this tool to its fullest. I love this, but it needs so much more to be really useful to me.

Chuck Altvater shared this idea 14/07/21 15:57
Admin 14/07/21 23:11
Hi there! For image/character/background requests, please submit them on our private Facebook page: https://web.facebook.com/groups/doodly/permalink/1133746536986258/