Share project file among members of Doodly (Doodly's network)
Hi, guys! Since Doodly only allows you to share with others the exported video but not the editing file that is being stored in their servers an idea has come to my mind. Giving your private account to somebody else is not a clever decision. So, instead what if Doodly allows users to manipulate those projects internally in their network? For instance, Instead of giving your account to a stranger, we could simply type their email address on a console on Doodly's network and share any project we are working on without exporting and then sharing an unditable video. This could solve privacy issues and improve performance and capacities for users. Thanks for reading this humble idea, Frank Arellano

Frank Reinaldo Arellano Andrade shared this idea 16/07/21 19:37
Admin 16/07/21 23:09
Hi there! A similar request has already been posted, please upvote and comment your thoughts here: https://www.doodly.com/requests/home/idea/1533/ability-to-share-doodly-files-to-co-work-on-them-between-two-or-more-accounts