Customizing characters
I would like to have the function "build characters from different parts and save them". You could have different head forms, legs, clothes, shoes, body forms (e.g. thin, thick), hair, ... Of course, the poses must then also be adaptable and saveable.

Johann-Jörgen Schübeler shared this idea 22/12/18 20:03
Michael Merwin 22/02/19 17:47
Love this idea and would definitely like to see it available. That way, users can customize the characters to fit their company brand.
Michael Merwin 22/02/19 17:47
Julia Hindriksen 07/04/19 15:46
Yes I was looking for this! I wanted a contruction worker, so I selected Luciana construction worker. but oh boy what is that on her face?! Blood dripping from her eyes and her mouth.. ehhh? I cannot use that ofcourse. So it would be great if I could give her a normal face. This is just an example. Sometimes I need the character, but not the asset he/she is bringing. But you can't erase that and that's a pity.
Bernadette 26/07/19 18:39
Even, be able to change character's features, such as eyes, hips, breasts, muscles, lips, hair, ears). Even just to widen or narrow them. Right now, they remain proportionate and only shrink or enlarge. But to mix and match facial features, hair, etc.
Sebastien Brevet 24/01/21 11:08
Yes please !
Shelley R Stephen 14/02/21 13:49
I love this idea. For now, I'd be happy if I could just pick a body and a face with the right expression. The expression I want is always on a body doing something that just doesn't work in my video.
Björn P. Jaiser 07/07/21 11:28
would be a great improvement for user and doodly! Imagine promoting thousands of different characters that can be created!