Professional Scenes
First of all, I love Doodly so far. However, I miss more professional Scenes of the diferent specialities. Scenes for mechanics, engineers, plumberers, and many other professions will help a lot of people. I.E. Mechanics: Car workshop I.E. Engineer: Inside of an industrial company (Boilers, tanks, pipes, cables, etc) I.E. Plumberer: Boiler room (private and public installations. Pipes as props may help aswell) I hope you can have this in consideration. Kind regards, Miguel

Miguel Sánchez shared this idea 26/08/21 09:52
Admin 26/08/21 23:18
Hi there! For image/character/background requests, please submit them on our private Facebook page: https://web.facebook.com/groups/doodly/permalink/1133746536986258/