Text Features
It would be great if I could be able to edit the font as I work. Ex: bold one word in the sentence; gradients for emphasis, underline a word, make one word's font size a different size for emphasis, ability to use different colors in one sentence etc...

Sandy Lundy shared this idea 24/12/18 20:07
Arthur S Koenig 18/09/19 13:18
In in .. that was one of the first things I wanted to do as I was laying out my text boxes
David Cottrell 12/02/20 17:45
I am interested in the same functionality. Seems an odd limitation.
Daniel Aguilera 22/05/20 03:07
As an entomologist, I need italics for scientific names, it could be great too!!!
Suhas Gawali 08/09/20 11:17
It would be great if I could be able to edit the paragraph and make the text-justify (option should be available).
Dawn Bunja 10/02/21 01:08
Basic WYSIWYG editing capabilities would make this tool incredibly powerful and useful. I have to choose other platforms when dealing with a lot of descriptive text, explainer text, etc.
Thorsten Butsch 02/05/21 10:10
Basic WYSIWYG editing capabilities would be creat. At least bold, italic, underline. The ability to use superscript. And some UTF-8 characters for physics and math like: ⋅ or Greek Alphabet like: Α, α Β, β Γ, γ Δ, δ Ω, ω This would be very useful for usage in school.
Marco Napoli 22/12/21 22:20
The ability to bold text is extremely important.