Final hand drawing frame rate is much too fast. Need to fix disparity between frame rate of Doodly Preview vs. Doodly Final Export
Currently, the hand drawing in the final exported Doodly videos are way too fast. It was explained to me by Doodly support that the Doodly "Preview" frame rate you see while creating the video is at "10" FPS while the final export frame rate capability can only go as low as "24" FPS. Why is that? That's a huge disparity and makes it difficult to create Doodly videos that match the speed at what we wanted when recording our audio and creating scenes. Please give us the ability to have the "Preview" FPS frame rate be "30" FPS or have the ability to export it to "10" FPS so that the final video better closely matches what we created in the first place.

Carlos Tabora shared this idea 22/09/21 18:40