Line draw size and syle
Mainly for the black chalkboard but in general for all the draws i'd like a customizable line style (i.e. more fat or thin, dotted and not dotted, etc.)

ANTONIO AIOSA shared this idea 25/12/18 18:14
Daniel Aguilera 22/05/20 03:10
This is very necessary!!! Sometimes it's difficult to watch some props and characters because their lines are too thin... It's more notorious when I use a black background
Daniel Dooley 11/02/21 21:13
Yes, many of the prebuilt characters and objects vary widely in their line thickness. Just watch the recent new training videos. #3 in the vets office has the sitting boy looking very faint compared with the vet office scenery. A whole object line thickness setting would solve this very easily and is very much needed!